Matias Camaño

Hello, my name is Matias Miguel Camaño, I am a trainer at Mystic Mango!


I am a Physical Education Teacher and an Instructor of Aquatic Practices. I do Massage Therapies (General & Sport).

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  • - Comprehensive Fitness Trainer
  • - Creator of the M.A.T Method
  • - Aquatic Practices
  • - Spanish / English


Hi everyone my name is Tatjana and I am a trainer at Mystic Mango! My passion is to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible.


Born and raised in a soccer family, my athletic career started at a very early age. This developed into an appetite to learn more about fitness, nutrition, and health. Throughout my fitness life, I have gained knowledge in athletic training, cardio workouts, core strengthening, body toning, and specific nutrition planning. I love to take the combination of my knowledge and give you the right mix to reach your goal.

Join me for fun, motivating, and personalized training sessions!


  • - Certified strength and conditioning trainer
  • - Pilates and core trainer
  • - Nutrition Planning
  • - English / German


Hi everyone my name is Rocko! I love spending time with friends and family. I travel a lot and I like meeting new people.


I specialize in water training but I love doing crossfit and going for long runs.

I will see you at the beach!


  • - Water Training
  • - Running
  • - Crossfit
  • - English / Spanish

"Antonella Raggio"

Hi everyone my name is Antonella! I am a Spiritual Mystic. I do personal sessions.


Let's work together to reach your spiritual goals and free your mind, spirit and soul.

Hope to see you soon!


  • - Mayan Astrological Chart Readings
  • - Reiki & Crystals
  • - Registros Akáshicos
  • - Spanish / English

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The training at Mystic Mango is awesome. It's a good balance of mind and body. The whole team are dedicated trainers with a deep sense of knowledge. Great place to train and reach your goals while having fun.

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